10% off when you order
 a set of 4 or 6

10% off when you order
 a set of 4 or 6

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MariMask is a range of 3-layer, standard-compliant masks tailored out of 100% natural fabric and cotton layers with a focus on natural dyes, especially indigo dyes from around the Asian region.


Our curated range of masks are design-conscious with natural fabrics and dyes, featuring Malaysian batik, Indonesian indigo and mangosteen dye prints, Indian and Thai natural indigo. We will also continuously update our designs to include other fabrics from the region, including collaborating with Malaysian local artisans and NGOs to produce a new range of all-natural Malaysian batik and indigo print masks. 

All masks under MariMask are tailored to be washable and reusable, providing a sustainable, environmentally-conscious, all-natural alternative to surgical and other disposable facial masks. 

However, personal protection is still the heart of MariMask and we are doing it the green way, as our masks are pre-treated with the innovative WR/AB treatment (a combination of Nuva®N and Sanitized® textile chemical technology), providing anti-bacterial and water-resistant properties to the masks for up to 30 regular washes before the need to reapply the treatment yourself at home.

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Anti-bacterial: Antimicrobial Hygiene Protection
(Sanitized® T99-19 and Sanitized® T11-15)

water repellent



Sustainable: Washable, reusable (Water-resistant and anti-bacterial properties last up to 30 washings)