What is WR/AB?


WR/AB is a water-resistant and antimicrobial spray that can be used on ready-made masks or untreated fabric at home or in industries. A water repellent treatment creates a barrier effect and allows less droplets attacking to the top layer of the mask, reducing the risk of infection by minimizing contact whereas the antimicrobial treatment provides additional protection, better hygiene and reduced odour as any adhered bacteria are deactivated and unable to grow. 

In medical hygiene this is very important as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a common threat and adds a risk to any hospitalised virus-infected individual.

How Does It Work?

Droplets emitted by humans when sneezing or coughing are water-based and hydrophilicmicro-sized drops with a maximum 100-micron diameter. Coming from human saliva, they contain many different body-based particles and can also carry bacteria and viruses.

When comparing the existing barrier technologies that are widely accepted in apparel and technical textiles, polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC) provide superior functionalities as they not only protect against water but also fat or oil-based liquids, and their ability to reduce the surface energy of textile materials are much higher. This high efficacy prevents droplets from adhering and allows them to easily roll off the article surface, thus avoiding contact with the skin surface.


Antimicrobial Hygiene Protection

Sanitized® T99-19 and Sanitized® T11-15 textile products were tested against viruses (in accordance with ISO 18184:2019) and showed a reduction of viral load by up to 99% on treated PES textiles. Tests were conducted using feline coronavirus possessing structures and mechanisms reminiscent of SARS-CoV-2, thus facilitating inferences about COVID-19. A positive viral load reduction on a treated article has to be tested according to national legislation requirements. The chemical technology used in WR/AB spray solution is provided by Archroma Management LLC.


Antimicrobial Hygiene Protection
(Sanitized® T99-19 and Sanitized® T11-15)

water repellent



Last up to 30 washes


Why use WR/AB?

Disposable, non-woven and non-treated fabric masks are widely used but these masks only provide basic protection. Many face masks show very low filter efficiency (<38%) with a high risk of penetration by microorganisms. Some fabric mask users require the use of additional filters daily. If left unchecked, then we're looking at billions of filters turning into bacterial waste every year. WR/AB helps to alleviate this issue by trapping and eliminating the growth of bacteria in addition to providing water-resistant properties to the applied fabric. WR/AB can also be used on any other lifestyle and industrial textiles, promoting individual well-being and industrial hygiene.

WR/AB is available in 100ml and 250 ml convenient spray bottles suitable for use on MariMask, your existing fabric masks or other protective and personal fabric.